Planning out the perfect upcoming weekend

Seeing as how my mom will be gone for almost two entire days, it sounds like I have a pretty great weekend ahead of me. It’s going to be even longer now that I realize I get out 70 minutes early on Friday. Since I don’t have a 5th period and all. I usually joke about sitting around in my underwear and eating pop-tarts, but I’m actually currently lacking the funds necessary to do so. In other words, I’m broke. I spent over my budget when preordering my New 2DS XL, but I’m gonna stop buying stuff for a few weeks so my funds can recuperate. It was just an issue of availability, because the new consoles always run out of stock for a while (especially Nintendo, in recent history). Fortunately I don’t have any bills to pay or anything like that.

Actually, I was considering subscribing to Loot Crate, which sends you a box in the mail every month with themed collectibles, but it was a little on the pricey side. You can get shirts, action figures, posters, etc. But you get a few items, not just one thing. This librarian keeps coming over here and looking over everyone’s shoulder to see if they’re breaking any rules, and I’m losing my patience. Anyways, I’ll just eat the food at my house. Maybe I can just ask my mom for some pizza money before she leaves. We still have microwavable corn dogs and top ramen, stuff like that. Nobody wants to eat a salad on their day off, after all.

Especially not at 2 AM when you’re busy destroying your cousin in a first person shooter. If Steph doesn’t go with her family on their trip to california, then I’ll probably call her for a while. Or all night. My buddy in Vegas might not be busy, so I could also call him instead. We haven’t had a chance to talk much lately, because he’s been getting so much business. He’s great at what he does, even in a market as competitive as short-term rental permits. I also still have a bunch of 80’s action movies that I recently bought, and my VCR calls out my name every time I pass it.

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