The Best Restaurants to Eat At in Miami

miami florida restaurant

This post will detail my favorite restaurants in Miami. I have visited Florida on multiple occasions and eaten at many places, so these are more than just plain first impressions. They will be listed in reverse order of importance, so I can save the best for last.

miami florida restaurants

First up is some amazing Italian, by way of Red Carpet Italian. This restaurant just exudes excellence, and makes you feel like you’re in one of those fancy restaurants that you only really see in movies. That’s because Red Carpet Italian IS one of those restaurants. Found just south of Miami’s East Coral Gables, Red Carpet Italian offers a broad menu of items ranging from the pasta dishes that everyone knows about like fettucini alfredo to more obscure Italian dishes like chicken and veal parmigiana.

Imagine Olive Garden, in a great location that overlooks the finer points of Miami. With friendly waiters and a very clean overall image. Red Carpet Italian really gets the aesthetic part right. But in the same price range, somehow. Not sure how they manage to make everything so affordable. You couldn’t get a better dish if you actually went to a fancy restaurant in Italy itself. If you look hard enough, you might even be able to find my 5-star review for Red Carpet Italian among the hundreds of other positive reviews.

Some of the other spots on my list were tough sells, but this restaurant earned its spot in a landslide because there’s simply no alternative when you want good, quality Italian food in Miami. I know a lot of people have issues with dining popular restaurants because you aren’t guaranteed that you’ll be able to get in. That’s what makes Red Carpet Italian so special: it’s a hidden gem that a rare few (including me) have been lucky enough to discover.

miami restaurant wynwood

After Red Carpet Italian comes Wynwood Diner. This is more of a general restaurant, but they serve breakfast all day which a lot of restaurants don’t do. Wynwood Diner is located just north of Miami’s town square, only a few streets down from Miami’s beach front. The outer walls if Wynwood Diner’s building are see-through glass panes, so you can watch the busy tourists shuffling through the street doing whatever they do. Noise from them isn’t an issue though.

I’m not sure how they’re able to soundproof the restaurant so well, but they do a great job of it. The restaurant strikes a perfect balance between the volume of people talking and the music playing in the background. One problem I ran into was enjoying my food that I bought too much and went over my budget. That’s saying a lot, because this is one of the few restaurants with great prices on all their dishes. Clean bathrooms say a lot about a restaurant, because they don’t really have to maintain them.

Everyone knows that bathrooms are supposed to be dirty because of what goes on in there, but you know a restaurant cares about their customers when the janitorial staff goes the extra mile. Having people smile at you in the bathroom helps too, but that’s more of their thing. I can understand where a lot of their amazing reviews come from.

miami florida restaurants

Furthermore, there is always the highly esteemed Kraken Crudo sushi bar. It was a close tie between first and second place, but I’ll mention the tiebreaker in my review for first place. Found in southeast Miami, Kraken Crudo is one of the more inventive and creative sushi joints I’ve visited in my lifetime. Of all the positive reviews I have read for sushi restaurants in Miami, Kraken remains among the top 10. My favorite part of eating at any Asian restaurant is seeing how clean everything is.

I asked for a tour of their kitchen, and surprisingly they obliged. Not a speck of dust on anything! The grease traps were also spotless, even though they can’t clean those themselves. Kraken Crudo must have a really good miami hood cleaning service available to them if they can maintain their commercial kitchen hoods so well. Apart from the cleanliness, the food is obviously amazing as well. I wouldn’t be recommending this restaurant otherwise.

I’m a pretty generic guy when it comes to sushi, so I only started out with a plate of california rolls. The waiters introduced me to a few other rolls that I didn’t know much about, and made some suggestions. I’m glad they did, because this was some top notch sushi. Kraken Crudo left a good impression on me, although I’m likely to visit each of my favorite sushi places mostly because they all serve different things. Good job though, Kraken Crudo!

miami restaurant sushi

Above all else, my favorite place to eat will always be Sukhothai Sushi & Asian Fusion. Sukhothai is right on the Miami beach, within walking distance of the actual shoreline. The tiebreaker that I mentioned earlier was accommodations for children. If you want to bring your infants to Sukhothai, they are very helpful in assisting you with baby chairs and related stuff. This may not seem important to a lot of people, but anyone with a kid understands how frustrating it can be. Especially since it’s difficult to check whether or not a place will be good with children ahead of time.

One plan I would really recommend doing is going to Sukhothai for lunch, watching a movie at the nearby IMAX, and then coming back again for dinner. Sounds like a lot of sushi for some people, but I have had a few days like this and it was AMAZING. Having a movie theater in such close proximity to a great restaurant in Miami helps you save time, since navigating a city as populating as Miami can be troublesome at times. I had already eaten the california rolls at Kraken Crudo during my first visit to Miami, so I thought I would try something different.

Admittedly, sushi wasn’t at the top of my list since I had eaten it so recently. I’m really happy that I read all the online reviews beforehand, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have realized I was so close to another great sushi place. Left really good impressions, even the next few times I went back. Now that more sushi restaurants are popping up all over Miami, maybe Sukhothai will have some stiff competition?

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Planning out the perfect upcoming weekend

Seeing as how my mom will be gone for almost two entire days, it sounds like I have a pretty great weekend ahead of me. It’s going to be even longer now that I realize I get out 70 minutes early on Friday. Since I don’t have a 5th period and all. I usually joke about sitting around in my underwear and eating pop-tarts, but I’m actually currently lacking the funds necessary to do so. In other words, I’m broke. I spent over my budget when preordering my New 2DS XL, but I’m gonna stop buying stuff for a few weeks so my funds can recuperate. It was just an issue of availability, because the new consoles always run out of stock for a while (especially Nintendo, in recent history). Fortunately I don’t have any bills to pay or anything like that.

Actually, I was considering subscribing to Loot Crate, which sends you a box in the mail every month with themed collectibles, but it was a little on the pricey side. You can get shirts, action figures, posters, etc. But you get a few items, not just one thing. This librarian keeps coming over here and looking over everyone’s shoulder to see if they’re breaking any rules, and I’m losing my patience. Anyways, I’ll just eat the food at my house. Maybe I can just ask my mom for some pizza money before she leaves. We still have microwavable corn dogs and top ramen, stuff like that. Nobody wants to eat a salad on their day off, after all.

Especially not at 2 AM when you’re busy destroying your cousin in a first person shooter. If Steph doesn’t go with her family on their trip to california, then I’ll probably call her for a while. Or all night. My buddy in Vegas might not be busy, so I could also call him instead. We haven’t had a chance to talk much lately, because he’s been getting so much business. He’s great at what he does, even in a market as competitive as short-term rental permits. I also still have a bunch of 80’s action movies that I recently bought, and my VCR calls out my name every time I pass it.

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Activities to do when family is here

My family is coming to visit next week, and then after my uncle’s wedding I’m going to go home with them. They’re going to be here for a little over a week, I believe. I’ve been brainstorming things to do with them, and so far, I’ve come up with sushi, go-karts, and movies. I’m trying to get my sister to take my niece to wild island with me, but I don’t know if I’ve made any progress so far. Now that I’m old enough, we’re going to do the slick track at the GSR. You have to be 16 to do it, so I’ve waited this long and I’m finally ready. Oh, we’re also going to go camping.

Can’t forget that. We’re going somewhere by Tahoe. I don’t know the exact location because I haven’t really talked to my dad about it very much. I haven’t even really talked to my family since I left, apart from a few texts. It’s only been a month, so it’s not like I just disappeared completely of the radar. I’m just introverted, so I don’t feel the need to talk to my family all the time. If I want to talk to you, then I will. I can still talk to people if I have to, like during a business meeting or something. But in my personal time, I don’t have to talk to anyone. Being alone is great. Anyways, I’ll probably go the arcade at the GSR next weekend with Steph.

Other than potentially going camping with us, it’ll be the last definite time we can hang out together until spring break at the very least. It’s gonna suck, but it’s not like we’re dating or anything. That’s only one day of the weekend, so now I have to figure out something else to do. Maybe I can go visit gabe at his house. I’ve never been to his new house before, and he moved a little under a year ago, I think. His mom works for a restaurant that doesn’t maintain their equipment very well. She’s too lazy to invest in a hood cleaning, but if she went to Florida then she could get an amazing miami restaurant hood cleaning.

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