About Us

Welcome to our site! Thank you for visiting. You are quite possibly the first and last person to do so. Unless our website goes viral for some strange reason, and our name is cast to the furthest corners of internet. Did you know that the brain holds around 1 terabyte of info at max capacity? Me neither.

If you can guess what RT means, I will personally meet you can shake your hand. But you only get one try, and I get to have your social security as a placeholder in case you cheat. Or your facebook login. Some guesses so far have been Reno Travel, Red Trash, Real Tuna, Rhombus Track, Rage Tail, Repaired Things, and Reported Tools. Seriously? Rhombus Track? What does that even mean? Hi, welcome to Rhombus Track tours. We’d give you a tour inside the head of whoever thought of our name, but we can’t because there’s nothing there.

We could even sell crazy t-shirts like “I went to rt-tours.com and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”. Except nobody would care about your shirt or have any idea what it means, because you’ll have been the only person to ever visit our site. Hope you look forward to reading all my awesome posts.

Maybe if you’re a hipster, you can like our website before it becomes cool. We’re one of those trendy underground sites who only sell handmade products. The internet is too mainstream, anyways. Whatever happened to using a pager? I guess it makes sense that nobody uses them anymore, because it just tells you the name of someone who wants your attention.

Come visit us in the future and send us fan mail. If you write stories about me, I’ll read them out loud in a high falsetto. If you listen carefully from wherever you are, maybe you’ll be able to hear me. Next up is our contact page. Read this one first, and then go there. This one’s way more exciting.

Your comments or questions are of course welcome. Unless I feel like they oppress me, because then I will emotionally attack you without using facts or reason