More experience in being a leader

So back during my junior year, I took this class called Food and Beverages. We didn’t actually make any drinks, so I have no idea why it was called that. We never even touched on the topic of beverages, other than when we had one of her past students as a guest and she briefly spoke about her experience as a bartender. Her focus was more on telling us about how she worked at Disneyland and what it did for her as a person. In that class, we all had to work in groups of far. In case you didn’t already know this, humans don’t function well without purpose. I became the de facto leader of our group.

I enjoy assigning myself as the leader if there isn’t one, because I see myself as a natural born leader. I know for a fact that the guy who owns the Doggie Day Care is a great leader. They always seem to have their tasks done on time, and their accuracy is second to none. It’s not that I’m an especially good leader, I just have the initiative to take up the role if nobody else will. And nobody else ever does, if the opportunity arises. They’d rather just sit there and not talk and ignore everyone by using their phones. So, I delegate all of the tasks. If someone tells someone to wash the dishes and has someone spot me while I cook in case my hands get full, then we are both working efficiently and accomplishing things.

I recently had to do this again in my botany class, because I, of course, got stuck with the deadbeats again who don’t know what to do. I assign them all tasks, such as grabbing the tools, holding my notes while I sow seeds, and standing there looking like idiots. They’re especially good at the latter. In any event, we’re accomplishing three tasks at once as opposed to having everyone attempt to work on the same thing at once. As a result, I feel better about acting as a leader, and we completed three tasks at the same time. Nobody ever disagrees with my directions, because they have no room to argue. They don’t know what we’re doing, and they just assume I’m right even if I already know that I am.

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